Thursday, 17 September 2015

Family Feelings

WALT: Read and understand an author’s ideas

My name is Alex. I am the oldest brother.  I like being a big brother to One and Bradley. 


  1. Hie Alex your a the bast brother Alex you draw a cool family.

  2. Hi Alex! I really like the picture that you drew of your family. I am the oldest in my family as well. In fact, I am two years older than my sister, Leigh, but she was also a better athlete than I was!

    Speaking of athletes, please consider joining our Winter Learning Journey programme this holiday. It has lots of information about athletes from around the world :) All you have to do is log onto the Winter Learning website, click on the "Weekly Activities" tab, scroll down and choose an activity that interests you. You then blog about it on your blog site and I will read it, comment and give you points. You'll earn a certificate and a badge and, if you one of the 'Top 3 bloggers' you will also earn a great prize at the end of the holiday!

    I'll check back tomorrow to see if you've chosen to take up the challenge and join the Winter Learning Journey programme.

    Hope to see you online this holiday :)

    Cheers, Rachel


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