Tuesday, 25 November 2014

alex Auckland Art Gallery

On Friday the year fives went on the bus to the city. We went to the  Auckland Art Gallery. first we sat down and then got in our groups.

First we went to look paintings and pictures. We Talked about a Tricky painting, then We done  a drawing.  it was morning tea   after that.

After morning tea we went to the art room and we made a story jar.  my one was about   getting a Playstation2.  I  painted it. We went to lunch after painting.

We made things out of lego, after that we went to the light show think the light show was scary.

photo 5.JPG

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pine Cone Pals

Pine Cone Pals

Step 1
Cut two  ice block sticks in half to make four short pieces for legs.

Step 2
push the legs into the underside of an open  pine cone and glue them into place.

Step 3
glue on a nose. you can make one from a  cotton wool ball or pompom.

Step 4
cut two circles from white card and colour them in to make cartoon eyes.

Step 5
paint your pine cone pal and sprinkle some


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The school Band

The school  Band

Tyler played the drums.
Leo Played the guitar

They made a loud noise

The teacher  put her hands over her ears.

Unlike previous Guitar HeroElectronic drums history[edit]